Самодельный нагнетатель масла из пластиковой канистры | Как залить масло в коробку

Как быстро смастерить нагнетатель для заливки масла,который будет ни чуть не хуже заводского и который ничего вам не будет стоить.После использования нашего самодельного масленого нагнетателя,сделанного своими руками, его не жалко выбросить,ведь Вы всегда сделаете это нереально крутое приспособление из хлама,который найдётся в любом гараже.
Думаю очень полезное видео, считаю что прежде чем переплачивать за что - либо, нужно попытаться сделать это самому, тем более живём в век информационных технологий , когда возникшую проблему можно попытаться решить посмотрев определённое видео и уже отталкиваться от возможностей и желания , которым мы обладаем!)
Устройство моей молодости. Только обязательно шланг при такой конструкции догоняй ДО дна канистры, и даже еще виток пущай там загнется. Герметичность действительно тут нафиг не нужна. Мягче только девайз работает .

0:00:00.079,0:00:07.470 Hello. We came to a friend repair car reno logan. Remove 0:00:07.470,0:00:12.559 the box. Well, as a box to shoot everything you've seen 0:00:12.559,0:00:21.000 many times, we will not show, but how make a self-made supercharger that would 0:00:21.000,0:00:28.099 put oil in the box after repair now we'll show you. 0:00:29.080,0:00:38.180 We take any canister empty clean. Old nipple 0:00:38.180,0:00:45.760 from any machine. Here this KAMAZ, torn from the camera. 0:00:45.900,0:00:53.570 Tighten the diameter of the lid drill a hole, insert the nipple old. 0:00:53.570,0:00:59.160 Here that the air did not pass now yet the tape is electrically conductive. The air will be a little bit 0:00:59.160,0:01:07.309 go away is not terrible, pressure so enough. So pause. 0:01:08.110,0:01:14.880 If you watch this video it means we have Everything turned out. That was wrapped in electrical tape. 0:01:14.880,0:01:21.370 Do not know, probably as dead poultice, but the pressure hold. Now I will connect the compressor, I will show 0:01:21.370,0:01:27.400 so much is gaining such a system, but this yet not finished supercharger, still need 0:01:27.400,0:01:32.680 The hose, from where the oil will come. Repair of the field 0:01:32.680,0:01:39.570 conditions. Here is the removed battery from the logan. They found some wires - they connected it. 0:01:39.570,0:01:43.770 We look what pressure will get. 0:01:51.000,0:01:55.850 The canister puffed up - everything's fine the compressor pumps and enough pressure of this. 0:01:55.850,0:02:03.150 The arrow did not even deviate of course, but it is evident that now I am shaking - the pressure in 0:02:03.150,0:02:07.320 system is. 0:02:07.320,0:02:12.439 We will not pump up further-hiss. The pressure has come down. 0:02:12.439,0:02:18.120 We continue to manufacture. So here we are doing here under 0:02:18.120,0:02:21.200 hose 0:02:21.200,0:02:24.530 The main thing is to make everything dense. 0:02:25.660,0:02:30.090 Everything in the field produced 0:02:30.090,0:02:34.710 frost outside - 28 0:02:39.560,0:02:43.910 0:02:51.110,0:02:54.620 Here this hose is necessary to us here here to push 0:02:56.420,0:03:11.960 We take the file, in short, what we find - then we take it. What's under the hand. Let's try it like this. 0:03:15.690,0:03:18.470 We insert this hose - the first one. 0:03:19.980,0:03:30.440 The hole is not enough 0:03:31.500,0:03:50.580 Horn 0:03:50.580,0:03:53.069 The main thing is that it was dense 0:03:53.069,0:04:03.480 To the bottom it must be brought. Up to the bottom of Dima 0:04:04.180,0:04:06.959 Up to the bottom, down to the bottom. 0:04:15.600,0:04:22.549 Well, everything - the box was stuck - it hurt 0:04:22.889,0:04:28.770 Superchargers homemade our refueled oil. 0:04:29.050,0:04:39.120 Now we will pour into the box 0:04:39.120,0:04:45.490 That's how everyone put here Cigarette lighter 0:04:45.490,0:04:52.980 Miracle is our supercharger. 0:04:52.980,0:05:02.120 AND little by little. 0:05:02.120,0:05:06.770 Something fucking no contact. 0:05:06.770,0:05:15.159 Ignition is not included shorter. 0:05:19.740,0:05:25.290 Level. 0:05:25.290,0:05:28.850 Like so 0:05:32.160,0:05:50.480 Have you lowered it below this hose? 0:05:52.040,0:05:54.560 0:06:01.960,0:06:15.460 On the spot it looks like, but the canister inflated like. Bucket? 0:06:15.460,0:06:18.580 See how it flows. 0:06:29.820,0:06:35.450 Flowing at a furious speed. Normal-load. 0:06:37.740,0:06:41.400 Cold butter, stood. 0:06:57.710,0:07:04.530 Excess pressure itself goes away. Show me what's there, get out. 0:07:11.440,0:07:14.490 Who needs - he will understand. 0:07:18.040,0:07:20.220 Well, everything is shorter. 0:07:22.280,0:07:29.160 We finish the video. The experiment is In the field, 0:07:29.160,0:07:34.650 This is a budget supercharger. Thanks to all for viewing, Put Laika 0:07:34.650,0:07:39.660 dislikes throw us rotten tomatoes. What do you want to do in general? Before 0:07:39.660,0:07:42.440 new meetings 0:07:43.760,0:07:49.280 Here is the level seen. Cheerfully so leaves. 0:08:03.030,0:08:05.660 muted

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