Your desires are led by a rich minority.

At all times, a wealthy minority has sought the most effective methods of manipulating the dependent majority. The levers of restraining the crowd were religion, laws, financial dependence, physical coercion, or even destruction. By the 20th century, the world elite had found ways to get into the head of every man in the street and invisibly control him.

The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Venetian black aristocracy and the British crown realized that the key to dulling and reducing the population of the Earth lies in the transformation of culture. The center for research in this area has become two institutions - the Institute for Social Research, commonly called the Frankfurt School and the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. Remember these names. How did such a person of the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century turn into this ...?

And who was behind the sexual revolution and the fashion for drugs?

Daniel Estulin and his book “The Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering of the Masses” will help us in this matter.

But first, let's talk about customers of cardinal changes in world culture. The “round table” is one of the secret societies that is directly connected with the Black Guelphs, better known as the “House of Windsor”. The most popular representative of the “House of Windsor”, you guessed it, is the very old woman, which we have already described in detail in our video about the UK.

If you have not seen it - we recommend.

The founder of the “Round Table”, named after the meetings of the legendary King Arthur, was hardened Darwinist Thomas Huxley, whose grandson, Aldous Huxley, later described “Brave New World” - a society of slaves and masters his grandfather dreamed of.

Cecil Rhodes, a representative of one of the oldest and most influential families in the UK, and no less significant John Ruskin, an art theorist, worked for hand in hand with him. Their protege in this field was the writer HG Wells, the head of British foreign intelligence during the First World War.

Imposed desires

Another similar secret society is the Carpocrates Society, directly connected with Elizabeth II. The most important member of the British "Round Table" was Baron Harold Anthony Kassia, whose family belongs to the oldest family of the Venetian black aristocracy, associated with the secret organization "Consul", and that in turn was under the control of Thule society. The brainchild of Thule was the Nazi Party of Germany.

Wells was a member of the British elite oligarchic planning group called Odds. The Round Table and Odds set themselves the goal of creating a "feudal empire ruled by aristocrats who control the knowledge and technology with which they keep in obedience a population of ignorant and drug-infested plantation slaves."

“At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, a lot of scientifically and technically literate people appeared ... who could no longer be lured by the ideas of religious mysticism? As the well-known psychologist Karl Jung pointed out, a new pseudoscientific foundation was needed to create a new cult. ”

The world elite, through their charges, has begun to inhibit the manifestation of creative abilities in all spheres in various ways.

The man who saw the peasant share at the exhibition yesterday, revolutionaries, recruits, barter, and sobbing brides, now have to look at this? But for this, someone had to prepare the viewer.

A whole range of groupings was created, designed to solve various political and cultural problems. John Ruskin, one of the founders of the “Round Table”, creates another organization - the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, on the basis of which the famous Satanist Aleister Crowley opens the temple of Isis-Urania of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Aldous Huxley, a writer and “philosopher”, participated in this project. Behind the cult of the Golden Dawn were the Children of the Sun - a corrupt Bohemian consisting of the sons and daughters of the British nobility themselves, who flaunted the bohemian lifestyle and homosexual relationships.

It was from these circles that the movement of primitivism emerged, which became the distinctive stigma of painting, music, and literature of the first two decades of the new century.

And now we are fixing attention: in the creation of new art, the key role was played by the perverse theory of Sigismund Shlomo Freud, who equated people with animals and promoted the naturalness of the most base human qualities. It was Freud who, with his pseudoscientific theory, untied the hands of the so-called “new art” and the entire “modern” culture of the 20th century.

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