Elf Mummies at Thai Temple

One of Thailand's greatest secrets is the legend of the Naree Pon tree or the tree of women, on which, like beautiful fruits, miniature girls of unprecedented beauty grow. Evidence of an ancient legend is stored in the mystical temple of Phra Adjar Dot in Chang May.

Two amazing artifacts, two sequels of the same legend, are stored in two different temples of Thailand - in the north in Chang May and in central Thailand in the province of Sing Buri.

Magic trees nari pon
According to legend, the god Indra created a magical forest to reliably hide the prince and his wife in it. To save their marriage, Indra planted 16 magic trees of Nari Pon, on which perfect creatures - beautiful Nari Pon grew.

The king of the Devas had two reasons for this: first, to catch by surprise and punish lustful deities at the moment when they mate with the girls of Nari Pon. After this act, the deities became mortal.

The second reason is to protect the spouse of the prince from obsessive, albeit divine admirers.

For four days, the flower of Nari Pon grows, after which the elven beauties are able to talk, sing, dance, but only seven days. After a week, they fade and dry, becoming the size of a palm.

According to legend, the trees of Nari Pon still exist, samples of two of them are stored in Luang Pho Yarun at Wat Ampavan in the province of Sing Buri in central Thailand.

Two mummies of elves from the Nari Pon tree are kept in the Phra Ajat Dton temple in Chang May.

Mummies of beauties Nari Pon
The rector of the temple, Phra Ajat Dton, provided them for research to scientists.

Scientists conducted a study of mummies and it turned out that these two creatures with a flower on their heads that look like humans - not falsification and not human embryos - are organisms completely unknown to science: mummy tissues are of plant origin, and the headdress of the mummy is the stalk.

Mythical, but nonetheless, real creatures, like humans, have eyes, mouth, tongue, teeth, ears, and internal organs. They have a similar to the human musculoskeletal system, but more elongated limbs.

According to the Buddhist doctrine of the universe, the universe is divided into three spheres, each with several worlds. The small, translucent gods of Kumbanda protecting the plant world live in one of these worlds of the Universe. Buddhists claim that it is their mummies that are stored in the temple in Chang May.

The temple of Phra Ajat Dton in Chang May is also known as masters of the mystical tattoo Sak Yant and the manufacture of various amulets and charms.

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